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Why should I partner with TransAtlantis?
We believe our offer which provides Truck Purchasers with significant upfront cash is compelling. TransAtlantis is well capitalized and has benefits from the scale of a large claims pool.

How much will it cost my business?
TransAtlantis will bear all litigation related expenses associated with pursuing the claims regardless of the outcome of the litigation.

Is it easy to sell my claims to TransAtlantis?
Yes – we have a large support group that will assist you in providing all the information needed to sell your claims.

What if I don't have good records and documentation?
We have certain workarounds for Truck Purchasers with incomplete documentation and records. Contact us for further details.

Who is TransAtlantis?
TransAtlantis is an entity created to acquire damages claims resulting from the Truck Cartel to pursue truck cartel litigation and is well-capitalized by two established asset managers.

What are my risks?
Litigation is inherently risky, which could result in no recovery proceeds being paid for the claims. In this event, TransAtlantis bears all costs of the litigation and you keep your upfront payment.

Do I ever have to give the cash back?
No – the upfront cash payment you receive is non-refundable.

How do court proceedings work?
With its suite of leading advisors, TransAtlantis will file the claims in the most appropriate venue.

How long will the case last?
The case may take several years to litigate or may be resolved sooner through a settlement. By providing significant cash up front, TransAtlantis allows you to be compensated immediately, regardless of how long litigation takes.

What law firms and consultants is TransAtlantis using?
TransAtlantis has engaged leading advisors, including law firms, economists, auditors, and operational support firms.

What trucks are eligible?
Trucks purchased or leased from 1997-2011 in the EU are likely to be eligible. Contact us for further details to see if your trucks qualify.

What about leased trucks?
We are accepting trucks that were acquired by way of a financial lease.

What about Scania trucks?
We are accepting Scania trucks. Contact us for further details.