Cash compensation today for those who purchased medium and heavy trucks between 1997-2011.

Upfront, nonrefundable cash for eligible trucks and percent of recovery from the pursuit of the Truck Cartel Case.

All litigation expenses paid by TransAtlantis

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Your EU Truck Cartel Damages

On July 19, 2016, the European Commission held that from 1997-2011, Daimler, MAN Group, Iveco, Volvo/Renault, and DAF/Paccar (collectively with Scania[1]Scania did not agree to a settlement and is therefore not covered by the European Commission’s initial decision of July 19, 2016. By decision of September 27, 2017, Scania was found to be a party to the collusion and was fined €880 million separately. Scania has challenged the decision before the European Court of Justice., the “Truck Manufacturers”) engaged in collusive anti-competitive activity in connection with the sale of medium and heavy duty trucks.

  • TransAtlantis is offering significant, upfront, nonrefundable cash for eligible trucks and percent of net recovery from the pursuit of the Truck Cartel case.

  • All legal and operating expenses are paid for by TransAtlantis and there is no cost to join the claim.

  • While the European Commission imposed a fine of ~€3.8 billion on the Truck Manufacturers, affected Truck Purchasers must bring claims against the Truck Manufacturers to receive compensation. The EC explicitly invited any affected person or business to seek compensation for damages suffered.

  • Pursuing damages claims individually could be complicated and expensive. TransAtlantis Funding Lux S.à r.l., Luxembourg, (“TransAtlantis”) believes that aggregating claims will create a value maximizing outcome for Truck Purchasers by spreading the costs of pursuing the claims over a large pool of claims.

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